Net Neutrality in Danger

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Net Neutrality is the idea that equal access to the Internet should be ensured for all people, regardless of their income, education level, and what they are actually using the Internet for (education, research, fun, etc).

Internet Service Providers have been trying for years to further monetize access to the Internet (ie. make more money selling their services on different levels) and now they have friends at the FCC and in the White House who want to give those companies a leg up on ripping off consumers and businesses that use the Internet.

Common sense regulations that guarantee equal access is not the same as ‘government micromanaging’. Common sense regulations also brought us protective child labor laws, a 40 hour work week, weekends off, and holidays like Thanksgiving, and in this case they establish a set of rules to allow Net Neutrality for ‘We the People’.

If Net Neutrality goes away, private internet service companies will control access even further and will charge all of us more to get online – and as a business owner you may have to pay more for your customers to access your Internet website!

Call or write your Congress~people to let them know that Net Neutrality needs to stay!

Check here for other ways to get involved to save it: NET NEUTRALITY

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