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Network Design and LAN/WAN Architecture

Because of the rapidly changing technologies and exponential growth of data, your company will be faced with increasing demands. Many IT experts, WNC included, recommend developing a 5-year growth plan when you are considering IT solutions or upgrades. This will save your budget and future frustrations.



The size and location of your company will determine the type of network you need. There are a number of different options including:

  • Local area network (LAN) – This type of network covers a relatively small area; usually one building or a small group of buildings. Most often, LANS are used to connect workstations to personal computers to enable easy access to information, communication and connected devices throughout the network. LANS can transmit data at rapid speeds though there are limits to the distance covered and the number of computers that can be connected to a single LAN.
  • Wide area network (WAN) – This type of computer network spans a much greater geographical area than a LAN. Usually, a WAN is comprised of two or more connected LANS. Computers that are connected via a WAN are combined by means of a public network, such as a telephone system, leased lines, and satellites, or by creating a private/secure network to run on public communication lines.
  • Wireless networks (Wi-Fi) – This type of computer network utilizes wireless data connections to connect network nodes within a business installation. It has the advantage of avoiding the use of cables and enables constant communication between buildings or geographically separated equipment locations.
  • Mobile hotspots – A mobile hotspot allows you to have convenient Internet access while you are on the road. These portable devices utilize mobile broadband services from cellular providers, allowing 3G or 4G Internet access. Multiple devices may connect simultaneously using a mobile hotspot.
  • Metropolitan area network (MAN) – Also known as a municipal area network, this type of network covers a geographical area from the size of a few city blocks to an entire city and its surrounding areas. One of the main characteristics of a MAN is its high-speed connectivity via fiber optical cables or other digital media.

Whichever type of network you choose for your business, fast, constant, and clear communication is a top priority. Warrington Network Consultants can help you get there. After an initial analysis of your existing set-up, we can advise you on how best to optimize your network. Our team can customize options and packages to suit your budget. We can create multi-layered networks allowing public and private access for staff and clients as well as cloud solutions. Our focus is on security and high-availability which are necessary and compliant to your specific needs, wants, and regulations.

Our team of experts at WNC is dedicated to providing the most versatile and affordable Information Technology and Telephony solutions to suit your individual and organizational needs. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, or you’re looking for specialists in the field of data, security, communications or telephony, we have them all on board, so you don’t have to waste time searching for them yourself. Call us today so we can discuss our solutions for designing, implementing, upgrading, troubleshooting, monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure.

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