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Managed Services Provider

Many years ago, WNC became a full-fledged MSP IT Provider and began offering our clients 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance for their networks. MSP, or Managed Services Provider, means that we are watching your computers and your network around the clock.   We are proactively maintaining these computers at all times, running updates and general TLC on the computers under our care without interruption to our client’s days. This constant, low-impact monitoring and maintenance helps to keep surprise issues to a minimum, and to maximize their computers’ efficiency and lifespan. Further we now have full hardware, software, and other reporting capabilities and the ability to proactively and reactively auto-remediate multiple issues.

WNC’s MSP clients enjoy other benefits as well. In addition to proactive monitoring and maintenance, WNC’s MSP clients get priority scheduling, guaranteed response times (including same day on-site service), regular reports about network performance and support usage and regular OS and app maintenance and patching. Also, all Telephone Support is included, potentially saving clients tens to hundreds of dollars each month.

We offer these benefits at two different levels to allow our clients to choose the option that best fits their budget and risk tolerance. This PDF document compares our two MSP package levels. Click on the links below to look at each level in more detail.


In addition, we offer a Foundation level MSP offering for our Non-Profit and Charitable clients that mirrors the Professional level benefits at a reduced cost for Foundation entities.

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