In our ongoing efforts to be the best IT support team for all of our clients, we want to take a minute to review our processes with you and help you make the most of the support we provide.

Everything we do for our clients is communicated and tracked.  This, of course, helps us with fair billing practices, but it also helps you as well.  When we post billable hours for services performed, we also include a description of the work that was done. 

These ‘case notes’ are emailed to you from our ticket tracking system (they come from  We do this to keep you in the loop, as well as to keep historical records of the work done.  
You can also “reply all” to our case note emails, and they can serve as open communication channels regarding any issue you are having.

We ask that you please review our case notes in the ticket emails and let us know when you have any questions about the work that is done. 

We also ask that you please respond when we pose questions, when we need further info, or even just to let us know that the issue is resolved. 

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